Art With A Soul

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” ~ Picasso

Welcome To Our Tax-Deductible The Gift Of Hope Shop!

All of the products sold in our shop are exclusively hand-made.

In our gift shop, you can purchase unique products made by famous Ukrainian ceramists; shawls and table-cloths with hand-made embroidery originating from farthest Kashmir; vases of extraordinary beauty from Africa; and rare antiques from ancient Greece and China. Unique artworks hand-made in the distant Himalayas, and Tibet.

The Art With A Soul Shop offers exclusive works by the American MFF – the most famous mountain-scape art photographer.

A Designer Line of T-Shirts!

Any purchase in the shop is a 100% donation. Your money will go via our Foundation to procure artificial limbs for children who have fallen victim to the booby-trapped toys.

After making a purchase-donation you will receive a special receipt so you can write the money you spent off your tax.


The Soul of Ukraine Foundation, Inc.