The Gift of Hope

Welcome To Our Tax Deductible Gift Shop!

You just opened the door to the official store of the Soul of Ukraine International Charitable Foundation. Products being sold in this very special place are exclusively hand-made. Here you can purchase unique products of the famous Ukrainian ceramists; shawls and table-clothes with hand-made embroidery and of origin from farthest Kashmir; the extraordinary beauty goods from Africa; most rare antiques from the Ancient Greece and China. The Gift of Hope Shop offers exclusive art works of the American MFF, the most well-known mountain scapes art photographer.

Any purchase in the shop is 100% donation. Having made a purchase-donation, you will receive a special receipt to write the spent money off your taxation. Your money are addressed through our store to the procurement of artificial limbs for children who became a victims of such booby-trapped toys.

At The Gift of Hope we're dedicated to delivering your purchase as quickly as possible, and our shipping is free of charge.


The Soul of Ukraine Foundation, Inc.

Note: We respectfully inform all visitors of the shop, that all the sections are being filled with the goods. All our employees are volunteers and for this reason the filling of goods is slow.