Dear Craftsmen and Art Seller,

The charitable shop "Art with a Soul" invites regular suppliers of works you have created and you have invested with your spiritual creativity. By placing your own line of goods in our online shop, you would get the following advantages:

Unlimited space for your own product line.

You would supply us with high-quality photos taken by you only; you are not required to supply us with your own works of art, or of your collection. And specialists from the Foundation are engaged in promoting and displaying your products.

You would fix a price for your goods yourself, and after purchasing a product, we would transfer the indicated amount plus the cost of shipping the goods to the buyer via the UPS Ground service.

On top of the price indicated by you, the Foundation will add an extra price to serve as a 100% donation. Our shop’s policy is based on this principle.

We are trying to fill the shop with unique and interesting works of craftsmanship. Thus, we are very careful in evaluating every offer and every trade item. Collectibles are of interest to us. Antiques welcome.

The charitable shop “Art with a Soul” belongs to the American Branch of the International Charitable Foundation, the Soul of Ukraine, status 501(с)3, and is not subject to taxation. The final receipt for any purchase is tax-exempt and so also beneficial for the buyer.

But, the most attractive factor for a supplier is the advertising strategy of the shop “Art with a Soul.”

Each quarter the Foundation issues an informative advertising newspaper with a circulation up to 200,000 hard copies. There is only one advertisement in the newspaper – the advertisement for the shop “Art with a Soul.”

The distribution of the circulation is made by volunteers from the Foundation. We invite students and schoolchildren from the Ukraine as part of this special program with the U.S. State Department. At present, we have 32 motivated volunteers. At this hyperlink you can check the visas of some of these people.

Thus, the entire circulation of the newspaper with the shop’s advertisement is distributed directly around houses in rich residential areas, yacht and golf clubs, offices of different companies, and so on. 

But, most importantly, we distribute the newspaper to church parishes, sharing it between a significant number of congregations of the Lord. These are very motivated customers for our charity resource. Our publications bring huge amounts of motivation to readers who we invite to visit the special charity shop “Art with a Soul.” You can persuade yourself of this by downloading the electronic version of the newspaper “The Good Samaritan.” 

To increase interest in our newspaper, we are distributing an edition in a bag with a phrase on the outside saying: “Please find your free gift inside” and then putting inside this bag a souvenir magnet showing our gratitude for their support for the Foundation. 

Thus, every supplier of our shop can be sure that during the course of one year, his product will be seen by around one million people! This is equal to the same number of visitors to a large mall in the center of a major city throughout the same period of time.

This is equivalent to a very expensive advertising strategy that would be, along with printing 200,000 hard copies of a newspaper and distributing the edition on a door-to-door principle, would costs many tens of thousands US$.

Such a unique advertising campaign brings the following results:

  1. √ 0.7 – 1.3% purchased goods at prices exceeding $2000.
  2. √ 7.5 – 14% who received the newspaper and who purchased goods within a $150 – 250 price range.
  3. √ 17 – 22% who purchased goods cheaper than $100, altogether having made up to 44 thousand purchases.

As of today, we are the only organization that advertises its shop in such an effective manner.

Now, we are filling the shop with goods before the next distribution of the advertising newspaper with volunteers from the Foundation.

Venders can order professional photos directly from the photographer of our foundation. Photos of 100 items for the online store will cost $200 only. We offer filming in the foundation studio of Crescent City, Fl. We deliver (100 items minimum). Shipping cost is 20 cents per mile. Please contact us by e-mail.

How to become one of our suppliers

  1. Fill out a vendor application form, and send it by e-mail to: store[at]
  2. Pay an annual fee of $250 for providing resources on the online shop, the SEO promotion of the goods, and the volunteers’ work distributing the advertising newspapers (this money is going to pay for the volunteers’ gas money – they distribute the newspaper all over Florida.)
  3. After making your payment, you can begin to fill in the specifications for your goods.

i) We do not accept sales the art photographs. Sorry.

ii) Vendors can sell their personally developed goods manufactured by subcontractors subject to their orders (cosmetics, key rings, household incense, caps, women's accessories, etc.) Collectibles are of interest to us. Antiques welcome.

iii) Revenues from the store are exempt from tax according to the charitable status of the fund 501(c)3. However, this provision does not apply parts of the income that the store pays directly to their suppliers. The suppliers are obliged to pay all statutory taxes on income that they receive from the Foundation through selling their goods in the “Art with a Soul” store. The supplier is obliged to provide to our Foundation the appropriate tax form by request.

iv) Each supplier gets few hundred copies of the next issue of the newspaper to be distributed in his residential area.

To contact us, please use the e-mail address of the Art with a Soul shop: store[at]

Should you meet any difficulties when sending messages to this e-mail (not all servers accept it), please use this alternative e-mail: thesoulofukrainefoundation[at]

Good luck to you!

Important documents for suppliers


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Please make your payment of an annual fee $250 of 2018 - 2019.

Thank you.