The Ultra HD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass

MFF’s photographs are unique because each one is individually created. As in nature, no two scenes are alike. Every image is produced using an ultra-high resolution transparency, printed onto a 32-color graphic heavy-duty art canvas, or by using ultra-HD Photo Print under acrylic glass with the latest-available technology. This process gives each photo the best reproductive quality available.

To obtain the most spectacular results in photography, MFF uses the following components:
* The best film cameras in the world. A panoramic Fuji GX camera produces a transparence film 6 x 17 cm in size.
* A unique optic. Some camera lenses are made according to individual orders from the Japanese company Fujifilm.
* Photofilm development in its own laboratory.
* Laser ultra-HD film scanning on a large drum scanner.

As the ultra-HD Photo Print is under acrylic glass, MFF allows you to make out even the smallest details in your photo. Although the source’s image quality is good enough to begin with, the ultra-HD Photo Print remains in precise detail – even in large formats and when viewed up close. This particular development has resulted in completely realistic images that can rival the naked eye, as well as the retina's ability to focus visual information into a single range.

Art of Sergey Melnikoff aka MFF

MFF achieves this level of realism through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and excellent image optimization software that analyzes images and refines image files specifically for this process. In an ultra-HD Photo Print under acrylic glass, contours and details are more accurately depicted.
* This new exposure method uses a solid state laser. The consistent distance between the laser and paper ensures the highest quality throughout the entire picture.
* Climate controlled storage: The special branded paper remains perfectly flat during exposure.
* Most of the images are processed with image optimization software to withhold the exposure.
* Even extreme lighting conditions can be accurately reproduced in an ultra-HD Photo Print under acrylic glass. Very bright and dark areas are highly differentiated. With higher dynamic ranges and increased maximum densities, the colors in your ultra-HD Photo Prints under acrylic glass appear more intense, and the contrasts seem greater, than they do in conventional photo prints. The consistency of the new production process also entirely eliminates discrepancies when re-ordering.
* Strong contrasts and amazingly vivid colors.
* Increased dynamic ranges for precise light gradations.
* Consistency in production conditions optimizes uniformity of repeated exposures*.

* This description of the process of ultra-HD Photo Print under acrylic glass was taken from the WhiteWall Photo Lab.