The Ukrainian Style

The Ukrainian Style

National clothing and tableware timelessly express the traditions of a nation, its eventful history, and the ethnic peculiarities of its centuries-old culture and ways of life. In modern life, the Ukrainian style, being a stylish addition to the ethnic, popular boho-style, is very popular and people of various nationalities are fond of it. 

Having chosen an original outfit to emphasize your individuality, it is quite possible that your choice will turn towards a Ukrainian costume or ensemble. Whether a rowdy party, a party for younger people, a business dinner, or a romantic date, a Ukrainian pattern on a dress, an embroidered shirt, or a scarf with an ornament, will without any doubt bring a unique individuality to your image. 

Every detail on a Ukrainian costume is the embodiment of a whole epoch when the basis of this most ancient Slavic culture was formed. There is an imprint of our neighborhood, with inhabitants from Moldova and Poland in some outfits, which incorporate ethnic emblems from these nations. The Ukrainian style is characterized by bold, bright shades of color, free cuts of clothes, comfort, texture, and natural fabrics (linen, cotton, or wool).

Convenience, elegance, and originality - thanks to these qualities, clothing gives a sense of the soul’s warmth and freedom. Embroidered shirts with intricate patterns are most of all in Ukraine, they are close to nature and very distinctive. Perhaps this is the reason they are so loved and worn with great pleasure all over the world. The colors of the Ukrainian flag are yellow and blue, personifying the sky and wheat. Dressed in Ukrainian clothes, you will surely feel free and uninhibited, as well as in a good mood and at the same time self-confident.

To introduce a certain bright, unforgettable flavor to the interior of your home, it is enough to have just one or few extravagant details. Having on your table a ceramic teapot or tea set, brightly and tastefully painted and made with loving care by a Ukrainian artist, your kitchen will seem to be filled with sunlight and warmth. This colorful spot in your home will attract the eye, make your guests feel delighted and amazed, designers and aesthetes alike. When you pick out a pottery coffeepot, a teapot, or a teacup, while savoring your morning coffee or family evening tea, your Ukrainian dinnerware will certainly revive your spirits and boost the warmth of your beloved home.

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