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The Heart of Tibet

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MFF shot the stunning photograph “The Heart of Tibet” on May 27th, 2010 under the holy Buddhist Mountain, Kailash, in Tibet. The image celebrates the Buddha’s Birthday, “Saga Dawa,” after which thousands of people walk the 33 miles or 53 kilometers around the sacred mountain, the holy pilgrimage of Kailash Kora – Parikrama. Two weeks later, MFF and his daughter, Anastassia, was donated "The Heart of Tibet" to His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama for his 75th birthday at his residence in Dharamsala.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama about the Author of this photo...

This photo are made out of ultra-HD Printing on Acrylic Glass. This is the newest and most expensive museum technology that can preserve photographic works of art for centuries. Read more about it here.

Limited edition. 500 registered copies only, each with a certificate of authenticity.
The certificates of authenticity are laser engraved in the form of named wall-mounted commemorative plates with the Foundation's gratitude for these donations to procure artificial limbs for children who had suffered disablements from booby-trapped children’s toys freely scattered throughout military conflict zones in Ukraine by adepts from the "Russian World."

We remind our dear customers, that any purchase in the shop is a 100% donation and tax-deductible.


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  • Photo size: 71" by 23" (180 x 59 cm.)
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  • It comes with a wall mounting kit.
  • The ultra-HD Photo Printing under acrylic glass process requires up to 2 weeks.
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  • The right to reproduce this work of art was given by the author to the Foundation for the international charitable program “Stop The War On Children.”
  • All Rights Reserved © Sergey Melnikoff, a.k.a. MFF