The Face of Mankind Worldwide MFF Art Project

The Face of Mankind Worldwide MFF Art Project

The Soul of Ukraine Foundation, Inc.
The Gift of Happiness | Florida, U.S.A.
A Charity Art Gallery
501(c)3 License CH43622

Welcome to a great project to create the world's largest artistic work in contemporary photography!

Sergey Melnikoff, aka MFF, the most celebrated photographer of our time, together with an Artifical Intelligence, are creating ten thousand portraits worldwide to make the Face of Mankind, a monumental mural.

Highly artistic works reflecting the fateful moments of human life: Madonna, Penny Pritzker, Dalai Lama, Pope Francis I, Queen Elizabeth II, King Carl XVI Gustaf, Sir Elton John, Patriarch Filaret... Find a karmic photo of your kind.

Leave your face in the history of human civilization!

Currently, the “Face of Mankind” project is being implemented in Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus. 

Write to us: worldfaceofmankind[at]