Photography Exhibits

Photography Exhibits

The MFF International Photography Exhibits are shown in dimly lit, open-spaced rooms, where subtle lighting reveals the images' intricate details. The pictures are hung in a special format. Because the prints are so large, it is difficult to believe that they are framed photographs. The soft music of great composers plays in the backdrop throughout the gallery. It is as if nature herself has scattered her fairy-tale mountains along the exhibition's walls. This palpable ambience is representative of MFF’s art.

This exhibition‘s germination, like all germinations, can be viewed in at least one of two ways: randomly coincidental or mysteriously providential. But within it, the photographs and inscriptions relating to their metaphysical nature are neither random nor coincidental. To some, they are providential; to others, mysterious. But it is difficult to believe that there could be even one person of rational mind who would view them as unintentional. Each photograph and literary idea was purposefully offered as a gift to surprise, confuse, challenge and heal.

The People Of The Maidan is a spectacular worldwide open-air public exhibition, that touches everyone‘s heart and stops the people in their tracks, for hours captivating minds by the beautiful and audacious images taken during the Revolution of Dignity of 2014 by Sergey Melnikoff. Since 2014 to the present time, The People Of The Maidan has been exhibited in various countries across three continents.

The exhibition Wonders Of The World is a showcase of ultra-high definition panoramic photographs which rattle the human imagination. These images consist of gigantic photographic slides combined with unique light-scattering technology. This technology creates the window effect which allows the viewer to see the scenery in the finest detail. Most beautiful parts of our planet... The wonders of Mother-Nature!

International Exhibitions by Sergey Melnikoff, a.k.a. MFF

The International Charitable Foundation The Soul of Ukraine has received a significant experience conducting massive exhibitions targeted at large amounts of viewers.

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Tatiana Alexandrova, art director