To the Christian Nobility of the American Nation

My Dear Americans,

These photos show some examples of the booby-trapped toys that are being set in Ukrainian cities and villages by adepts from the “Russian World.”

For many years I was searching for American prisoners of war in the camps of the Soviet Gulag. Because many of the POWs/MIAs from the Vietnam and Korea Wars were in the hands of the Soviet KGB. John McCain, an honorary member of the Board of Trustees of our foundation, was a lucky man. All those years of captivity in Vietnam and he did not disappear into the vastness of Siberia. I am very well aware of those camps, as I myself was a political prisoner for seven years.

And, as in those times of the Evil Empire, today we are again struggling with a monster called "The Russian World." I cannot imagine what level of inhumanity is required to hide modern explosives inside children's toys, and then to scatter them around towns and villages. Now America is helping the land of my ancestors – Ukraine.

Our foundation is accepting donations to the artificial limbs for these suffering children who have lost not only their patriotic parents who died in the war with the “Russian World,” but who have also lost their limbs. We are asking you to make a small donation to help manufacture at the very least some simple artificial limbs as replacements for the abilities that you and I take for granted, but which these children have lost forever.

I believe that all of us who were named by the Bible as the “high and mighties” would like to make the World a better place than it was before we arrived…

Noblesse oblige.

Thank you for your personal involvement.

God Bless America!

Dr. Sergey Melnikoff
Establisher of The Soul of Ukraine International Foundation.
Former political prisoner in the USSR, illegally escaped with his family, and granted asylum in the USA by the personal verdict of President Ronald Reagan.
Author of the book American Prisoners Are Always An Asset.


The Soul of Ukraine Foundation consists of volunteers only. Nobody in the charity, including the executive directorate, receives any payment or salary. The Patron of the Foundation is the Patriarch Filaret, Ruler of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees is the oldest Academician on the planet, the legendary Ukrainian scientist Dr. Borys Paton, who continues to head the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine after his centenary.

Your money will go through our Foundation in order to procure artificial limbs for children who have become victims of the Russian booby-trapped toys in Ukraine. Equally, some donations, if grounded in considerations of international humanitarian law, may have other purposes. We would greatly appreciate any donation!

You can make a donation through PayPal using our e-mail address: thesoulofukrainefoundation[at]

Dear Samaritan, do not feel uncomfortable about making even the smallest donations. They are of ultimate need for these children, and for your soul, of course. Thank you!

Do you want to improve your karma? Buy any item at The Gift of Happines Gallery. This will surely bring happiness for your children. Because you are helping the forces of good on this Earth!

And, of course, all donations will be accepted and the donors issued with tax-deductible receipts. See our pricing policy.

For any occasion, please contact us at: info[at]

Non-Cash Donations

For volunteers working in the USA, the charity will be extremely grateful and thankful to accept as non-cash donations:

  • Cars of any make and model in good working condition.
  • Residential trailers: we need one small trailer for two people, and another one – of any larger size.
  • We will be extremely grateful for any working laptops.
  • The foundation is also looking for a storage shed.
  • If by any chance the foundation were to be given a piece of land or an office building, we would officially call it our Headquarters and name it for our Donor. We are located in the state of Florida.

Thank you!

Tatiana Alexandrova
Head of the Audit Committee