Art Dinnerware Сeramics

Art Dinnerware Сeramics

How delightful to greet a new day with loved ones and cheer yourself up with a freshly brewed cup of coffee pouring it from a ceramic coffee pot decorated with cornflower, poppy or chamomile fields, made by talented Ukrainian craftsmen with love and fondness. Yellow, blue, green, multicolored, vibrant colored in the Japanese style… It seems as if great Van Gogh got his hands on some of them.

And in the evening when we return exhausted from work our body and soul demands full-flavored hot tea. Admiring bright colorful teacups it seems that small meadow flowers on glaze adds barely noticeable aftertaste to tea, filling your house with warmth, love and coziness.

As is well known, that ovenware dinerware ceramics ensure better warmth preservation and as well keep tea tasty for a longer period.

Each tea/coffeepot on our site is a limited edition of one! Since the Artist doesn’t like duplications and want the ceramic goods that you have chosen to decorate and warm exactly your house.

All of dinerware ceramics service are made of high quality environmentally friendly materials (kaolin, clay and sand) which filled into unique shapes. After that blank is baking in the firing kiln, and details are plastered in craftsman’s hands. Afterwards artist with a help of thin brush glazes vessel transforming it into piece of art. And in the oven once again! So that you could secure hold the service in hands for long periods of time, wash it in washing machine or heat in microwave.