A Designer Line Of T-Shirts

A Designer Line Of T-Shirts

The Art With A Soul Shop offers our donators three different lines of T-shirts.

One America To The World T-shirts are dedicated to the upcoming expedition to Mount Everest. The Foundation's international sports team will carry the largest flag in American history right up to the highest point on Earth. This particular "Stars and Stripes" will be three times a soccer pitch in size! By purchasing just one T-shirt from this section, you will become part of an extraordinary project.

The Licensed Grateful line offers T-shirts for people who want to support the Foundation's goals and its charitable projects involving disabled children who have suffered wounds caused by booby-trapped toys from the Russian World.

The Greatest American is a series of T-shirts with portraits of and slogans by prominent figures from this country.

We remind visitors to the online shop with enormous gratitude that any purchase made in The Art With A Soul Shop is a 100% donation and tax-deductible.

Thank you for your kindness!