A Bullet for Putin with COA

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A colorful wall certificate to every Good Samaritan who donated a bullet for Putin.

Club Donation | A Bullet for Putin with COA | Donation for Ukrainian Kids with Limb Loss 

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Photo #1. A Bullet for Putin.

Photo #2. The Russian military are spreading mined children's toys in the Eastern Ukraine. They have always done it! In the Ukraine, in Georgia, in Chechenya, even earlier in Afghanistan…

Photo #3. “Explosive devices disguised as children's toys, books, soccer balls, small heaps of coins, candy boxes, cigarette packs, and carbonated drink bottles can be found in urban areas in Ukraine. During our time here we have defused several hundred similar surprises...”
– Sergey Goloborodko, an officer of the Engineering Forces of Ukraine

Photo #4. “The essence of the problem is not only their motherfucker Putin but in the fact that we have succeeded geographically in this way: 140 million motherfuckers live nearby.”
– Oleksandr Morozov, reconnaissance group commander

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