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"The Genius" A Portrait Created By Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence created the first in the world photo devoted to the 100th anniversary of the great Ukrainian scientist, Dr. Borys Paton.

The only copy ever created with a certificate of authenticity.

Whether is it possible to create a generic portrait of a particular person based upon thousands of his photos taken during a hundred years he has lived? There are not many long-living centenary persons having in their family album photographs recording each lived year. The similar sets are available perhaps at members of monarch dynasties only.

The legendary academician Borys Paton turned out to be such unique person who still head the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences on the threshold of his 100th anniversary. The huge number of black-and-white and colored photographs of the academician that have been taken since his babyhood during his hundred of years now provided the experimenters with an unique opportunity to ask Artificial Intelligence about its conceptualization of a generic portrait of a scientist of the XX – XXI century.

The very idea to create a photographic art-work by means of AI belonged, of course, to the professional photographer. The founder of The Soul of Ukraine International Foundation, American citizen Sergey Melnikoff became the originator of the extraordinary idea. All jobs with Artificial Intelligence have been done by Ashmanov Neural Networks. Programmers of this company developed a special algorithm for the machine intelligence.

Photographs can be processed on any high-speed computer. But that task was much more complicated than just common processing and even simple analyses of large amount of portrait images. The final job was to be done by the machine in a large-size polygraphic quality and that meant necessity to work with original high-definition images. Each thousand of digital files exceeded 100 gigabytes of computer memory. Such job was performed for the first time worldwide. In fact, the Soul of Ukraine Foundation and the Ashmanov Neural Networks created a new trend in art.

Photographs of the outstanding scientist served as a background out of which AI reconstructed its own antipode, having created a photographic portrait of a human personifying the wisdom of the world and the greatness of the mind of Homo Sapiens, meanwhile having mastered a very work of cyber art that is quite mysterious for human perception.

Perhaps, indeed, the machine intelligence is able to see something more than we see? And if we assume that the neural network is able to look beyond the material world and the dimensions used to be known to human? The answer to this question can forever remain beyond our knowledge ...

And the landmark masterpiece created by Artificial Intelligence to the 100th anniversary of Borys Paton, meantime serving as the incarnation of the evolution of computer intelligence. 

The unique art-work was given the name as “The Genius.”

A photo is made as the Ultra HD Printing on Acrylic Glass. That is newest and expensive museum technology that preserves photographic art work for centuries. Read more about it here..

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